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Squeaks & Rattles? Let’s Talk Lubrication

Noisy operations often point towards lackluster lubrication—a simple fix yet essential for preventing bigger headaches down the road. Properly oiling those moving parts keeps wear-and-tear at bay while ensuring quieter mornings as you head off for another sunny California day.

  • Clean: Before adding any lube, make sure dirt hasn’t built up on tracks or rollers which would cause more grinding than a coffee shop during rush hour.
  • Lubricate: Using specially formulated garage-door lubricants, give joints and bearings what they need without going overboard—too much gunk attracts dust faster than free samples at Costco.
  • Maintenance Checks: Regular check-ups catch minor quirks before they evolve into full-blown crises; imagine finding out during December holidays that Santa won't have access through the garage due to neglect—that’d sour eg


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